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The Bridgemaster E series of Type Approved marine radars extend the tradition of innovation well established by Decca over more than fifty years.
The Bridgemaster E Series offers an unparalleled choice of configurations and options to meet the demanding and varied needs
The Bridgemaster E has a solid track record of “at sea” reliability. Since its introduction in 1999 many thousands of Bridgemaster E systems have been successfully installed worldwide.
Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E is surface search radar designed to provide navigation to commercial and military vessels. It can also be used as VTMS radar
Antenna Sizes: 4, 6 or 8 ft. (1.2, 1.8 or 2.4 m)

Radar key features are:

  • Worldwide service
  • High reliability
  • Dual transceiver configuration for bulkhead
  • Performance Monitor
  • Full remote radar control and build-in test
  • Compatible with iTracker
  • Compatible with parabolic antennas

Areas of use:

  • iVTMS
  • iOSMS
  • Inside Radar dome (masthead)


EC Certificate of Type Examination – Module B
Marine Equipment Directive – 96/98/EC
Commission Directive 2002/75/EC – ITEM A.1/4.35