iTracker is a complete single board radar processor. iTracker is all-in-one unit used for collecting, processing, and distributing of radar data, and requires no computer. iTracker minimizes installation costs and total cost of ownership

iTracker Features

No computer requires
Complete single board radar processor

Advanced Video Processing 

High speed high resolution video sampling ensures optimal datasets for the tracker. In addition to full resolution sweep correlation and scan integration, an ordered statistics CFAR processor is utilized for optimal processing and clutter removal.

Multiple Hypothesis Tracker
This technology is regarded as the most advanced and reliable tracker technology on the market today. It is typically used in military systems.

LAN Interface
The Gigabit LAN interface offers a variety of protocols and options. The user may select high resolution streamed data for local display while transmitting readymade images with a selectable resolution over low bandwidth connections. Track data are also transmitted, at a user defined rate. The firmware may be upgraded over LAN.

Host Radar Remote Control
The iTracker board offers full remote control and adjustment of the connected radar. The monitoring station may trigger on alarm levels or view log data for the transceiver.

Minimize the Cost of Installation and Ownership
When integrating the iTracker together with the masthead transceiver only a network cable is needed in addition to the power cable.

  •  Automatic track extraction
  • Video / tracker masking
  • Small target / fast target detection
  • High speed RF limiter control output
  • Selectable update rates and resolution
  • Lossless or lossy compression schemes
  • Streaming of raw or processed data
  • Web-based setup interface
  • Optional solid aluminum casing for masthead installation

Each iTracker board may support several clients depending on the selected configuration.

Technical Data 

  • Radar interfaces: Sperry Marine, Furuno, Raytheon
  • Sampling speed: 10 – 120 Mhz
  • Sampling resolution: 12 – 16 bits
  • Video format: Any polarity, any TVA format
  • PRF: 10 – 10000 Hz
  • ARP: 1 – 120 RPM
  • Azimuth interfaces: Any serial format, synchro on demand
  • Sync delay: Adjustable
  • Power supplies: 5V, 25W
  • LAN interface: 1000 / 100 / 10 Mbits