iConcept is the central idea of our software solutions. The key principle of this innovative concept is combining server based system structure, modular design, and latest available technologies with knowledge of the radar and VTS

iSolutions components

Components of iSolutions can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Sources
  • Server (iServer)
  • Surveillance display (iSurv)


  • iTracker
  • CCTV
  • VHF

To enhance our systems reliability and workability we use IP devices that have no moving parts (e.g. HDD, fans, etc.) and replace computers by smart devices where it’s possible.

iServer – the main component of  iConcept

iServer receives data from the sensors, processes it and stores it in the database. We use MS Server 2008 as a core of the iServer and Internet Information Server (IIS) as a gateway to the world. Our database is made on MS SQL Server 2008 that gives us great freedom in storing different type of data and power to process it. All computations including traffic warning calculation are done on the iServer. That’s why our systems insure all connected clients to see same picture despite of their location. Electronic chart can also be stored on the iServer and accessed by users from anywhere in the world.

As everything is concentrated in one place big systems update routine becomes much more simple and cheap.

iServer can be configured to work in hot standby mode.


iSurv a is “shell” of our system that user sees. It receives information from iServer and overlays it on the electronic s57 chart that also can be received from the server. Users logged into the system using their username and password.

iSurv supports up to 10 access levels according to the profile defined on the server.

All components are designed to be able to work in local network or via  Internet.

What    stands for

World’s first VTS system using such technologies

Use of modern internet protocol extensions makes possible to locate system components at any place of the world where local or internet connection to the iServer is available.

Our systems’ configuration insures great  flexibility, scalability and accessibility with the highest security.

Using our API the clients may integrate the sensors they need.

Server based system structure saves money and time on deployment and maintenance

The advantages of using products with iConcept

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap to maintain