iVTMS is a modern vessel traffic management system that expands usual set of tools and functions. The system is based on iConcept. This technology ensures high accuracy of received and processed data and simplifies the access to it. Click photo to see more details

iVTMS gathers the information from all possible kinds of sensors:

  • Radar
  • AIS
  • CCTV
  • Weather sensors

The information is overlaid on the electronic S57 charts


iVTMS key functions are:

  • Vessel traffic monitoring
  • Providing an operator with early traffic warnings (audible and visible)
  • Providing an operator with early collision warnings (audible and visible)
  • Providing vessel data
  • Distributing data to remote location
  • Playback and logging
  • Remote control and monitoring of equipment
  • Operator training


Areas of use:

  • Traffic control services
  • Ports
  • Coast Guards



The iVTMS is designed to fulfil IALA recommendations.