Utslipps overvåkning iOSMS

Oil spill monitoring system with innovative internet based concept. The main purpose of the system is to detect oil spills and track them over time. It combines several sensors with their specific features into unique product. Click photo to see more details



The system provides an operator with real-time precise information for planning and supervising recovery operations. The data is displayed on electronic chart. The information is available locally (on board) and can be shared to the main control center in real time via satellite communication.


OSMS key features are:

The earliest possible detection of oil spills in a range of up to 4 km
Ability to detect oil spills under poor weather conditions and during darkness
Providing an automatic alert if an oil spill presents
Monitoring of the oil spill including oil drift vector with speed and direction
Providing information about wave height, direction and speedProviding weather information


Areas of use:

  • Oil and gas industry (oil platforms, oil terminals, oil refineries)• Oil-Recovery Vessels
  • Ports
  • Coast Guards


System benefits:

  • The system uses standard coastal or ship radar system
  • Ability to use different kind of sensors and program modules
  • The earliest possible and precise detection and oil spill and its cause
  • Full set of data for efficient planning of the recovery operations