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Data Recording System

The Data Recording system (DRS’09) is a complex solution for recording and replaying any kind of voyage information. The recorder part is based on plug-in modules and thus can be easily expanded to fulfil any specific needs.

 The system allows to record / replay:

  • ECDIS/ARPS screenshots with variable update rate. Information can be received via network (Furuno FAR-2xx7) or using VGA grabber (all the others) connected to slave output.
  • Multi-channel audio from various sources including microphone and VHF sources
  • AIS targets
  • NMEA information

The recorded information is stored on the local HDD in the database and can be replayed at the same time.
Compare to standard SVDRs with their strict requirements, DRS’09 provides longer history length with easy to use replay module. Part of the recorded information can be extracted and exported on media for later replay on any computer.

 Areas of use:

  • On board a ship
  • As multichannel VHF/Telephone recorder

System advantages:


  • The systems allows at least (depending on amount of information and HDD size) 3 months recording
  • Mp3 compression for audio


  •  Easy search of required information
  •  Fast forward-reverse search of audio fragments
  •  Fast and 1:1 playback speed
  •  Export of the information
  •  Easy installation and maintenance