This compact model with a wheelbase of just 6 metres and an intermodal spreader offers 45 tonnes of lifting capacity – ideal for loading truck swap bodies and complete trailers. Its strength lies in its manoeuvrability and in the moderate weight of the machine. If you are always loading in the first railway track line, then this reach stacker is ideal. When stacking containers in the second row, this compact machine can still achieve 27 tonnes of capacity. Using the movable counterweight, you can achieve an extra tonne of lifting capacity in the second and third row. This compact machine is manageable and skilful – squeezing nimbly into tight shunting spaces between railway tracks and trucks.

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Lifting capacity in first/second/third row: 45 t / 27 t / 12 t
Wheelbase: 6,000 mm
Engine: Volvo Penta TAD 1171VE
Exhaust emission level: EU Tier IV
Rated power: 265 kW at 1,450-2,100 rpm
Torque: 1,785 Nm at 1,260 rpm
Gearbox: Dana HR36000 with 4F/4R, opt. TE30-5F/3R, PowerShift fully automatic gearbox with torque converter
Operating weight: 78,600 kg with Intermodal Spreader
Max. lifting capacity: 45 t

  • All main equipment sourced from European suppliers = high quality
    • Volvo Motor, Dana-gearbox, Kessler front axle, Parker hydraulics, ELME spreaders
  • Steel structure components developed in China and Germany
    • Testing and manufacture in China ensures durability
    • Series production improves assembly quality
  • A wide variety of equipment features is already provided in standard machines, e.g. hydraulically movable cab, reversing camera, air conditioning, responsive joystick control, colour display, adjustable steering column
  • Optional movable counterweight supplies 1 tonne of additional lifting capacity
  • SANY five-year guarantee*

* with participating partners

Overall length 11,340 mm
Wheelbase 6,000 mm
Height incl. rotating beacon 4,770 mm
Ground clearance 300 mm
Height to top of boom 4,570 mm
Seat height 2,504 mm
Overall width 6,042-12,175 mm
Total width at front 4,188 mm
Total width at rear 3,310 mm
Track width at front 3,033 mm
Track width at rear 2,790 mm
Movable counterweight stroke 500 mm
Turning circle 8,285 mm
Travel of movable cab 11,300 mm
Aisle width with 20′ container 13,600 mm
Travel of movable cab 2,500 mm
Engine type VOLVO TAD 1171VE
Rated power 265 kW/2,100 rpm
Max. torque 1,750 Nm/1,260 rpm
Emission standard EU Tier IV
Gearbox type DANA HR36,000
No. of gears F4/R4
Drive axle Kessler D102
Tyre size 18.00×25
Side thrust +/- 800 mm
Rotation angle +/- 105/195 °
Mechanical slope compensation +/- 1.5/1.5 °
Mechanical slope compensation +/- 6/6 °
Spreader weight 13,600 kg
Weight increase with 30´ stop 0 kg
Intermodal toplift spreader lifting height 14,910 mm
Intermodal spreader min. height 930 mm
Boom angle 0-60 °
Overall weight 78,650 kg
Axle load when empty (front/rear) 43,600/35,050 kg
Axle load at max. load in L1 (front/rear) 110,000/13,650 kg
Axle load at max. load in L2 (front/rear) 83,200/22,450 kg
Axle load at max. load in L3 (front/rear) 81,600/8,050 kg
Max. lifting capacity 45,000 kg
Stacking height with 9’6″ containers 5
Stacking height with 8’6″ containers 5
Lifting speed unladen/loaded 420/220 mm/s
Lowering speed unladen/loaded 500/400 mm/s
Ground speed unladen/loaded 25/21 km/h
Climbing power unladen/loaded 39/28 %
Noise level inside cab 72 dB(A)
Noise level outside cab 104 dB(A)
Tractive force 335 kN
Hydraulic oil 900 l
Brake oil 150 l
Gearbox oil 65 l
Axle oil 68 l
Final drive oil 2×13.5 l
Coolant 1,6 l
Diesel tank 520 l
AdBlue tank 45 l
Engine oil volume 36 l
Engine coolant 64 l

( ) Value in brackets when counterweight extended


Denne kompaktmodellen med akselavstand på kun 6 meter og intermodal spreader har en løftekapasitet på 45 Tonn - akkurat som de større modellene!