Despite its compact design, the SANY SY135C displays impressive versatility and performance. The universal machine is outstanding at digging, crushing, loading and backfilling. Perfect for use in places where space is limited: In road and canal construction, inner city areas, horticulture and landscaping and demolition work. Its power allows it to reach high excavating forces which would otherwise only be possible with significantly bigger machines. All that with an astonishingly large operating radius. This saves time, since the machine therefore needs to be moved far less often on the construction site. Talking of movement, the compact dimensions of the machine facilitate easy and safe transport.

More work with less fuel – the SY135C‘s sophisticated engine and hydraulic concept makes this a reality. The hugely powerful diesel engine, equipped with common rail technology and AdBlue emission control, puts on a strong show with its maximum torque of 375 Nm and 1 800 rpm. A choice of various operating modes and automatic speed reduction optimise fuel consumption in a tangible way. This is where power meets efficiency. The total savings thanks to improved fuel efficiency result in significant economic benefits. 
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