With the SANY SY215C crawler excavator, you get more done. No matter where used – it applies its power with precision. This is because every detail is specifically designed for the tough conditions on construction sites. This excavator is a real all-rounder and a specialist in every discipline, from quick loading to precise digging and powerful demolition work.

What particularly sets it apart is its ability to control its tremendous power with great precision – for maximum productivity and therefore a fast return on investment.

The highly efficient engine with common rail technology guarantees excellent performance. Four different operating modes for the various operating conditions precisely adjust the engine and hydraulic power to the requirements. This improves the excavator‘s response behaviour and ensures lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Cost-effectiveness thanks to maximum flexibility
Whether digging, loading, demolishing, transporting, hammering, or performing other tasks, the SANY SY215C tackles a wide range of tasks without compromise – and without long changeover or waiting times. The pre-installed quick-coupler line means that many attachment devices can be fitted.

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