Straight from the factory, it is already equipped in such a versatile way that it is ideal for carrying out a wide range of tasks with the relevant attachment devices on all construction sites, whether in road construction, materials handling or demolition work. No matter how the SY265C is used, its stability and power ensure that the required operational movements are performed quickly and safely. Its drive and hydraulics leave nothing to be desired and combine power, reliability and precision for impressive productivity. Just as you would expect from an excavator within this category.

With the SY265C, safety measures are considered before the excavator is even started up. To ensure that people, machines, tools and constructions are protected as optimally as possible, the standard equipment includes a safe route up to the cab, as well as handrails and anti-slip tread surfaces on the platform. This means that you are always on the safe side when carrying out maintenance work. The rear camera and safety valves are also supplied as standard.

The SANY SY265C is multifaceted when it comes to cost-effectiveness. This includes its sensationally low fuel and AdBlue consumption. The precise interplay between low engine speeds and hydraulic power which is optimally set to requirements provides the best fuel efficiency for every application.

The entire machine can also be precisely adapted to the requirements of each task by using the selectable operating modes. This means that you can achieve the optimum cost-effectiveness for your machine virtually at the touch of a button. Together with the sophisticated maintenance concept, this is the key to impressively low operating cost.

The driver‘s cab has an impressive number of added benefits related to comfort. It is extensively insulated and minimises noise, vibrations and dust.

The driver‘s most important items can be kept in two storage compartments behind the seat; one of which is chilled. The air suspension driver‘s seat with a high seat backrest and individual adjustment options protects the driver‘s back during a long working day and prevents them from becoming fatigued. The heated seat supplied as standard is a pleasant feature on cold days.

The panoramic view provides a clear outlook for the working day ahead. The large front, side and rear windows give drivers optimum visibility in all directions. An automatic climate control system, a radio with a USB port and 12 V sockets are also supplied on board as standard.

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